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We can custom make the antibody of interest for you. Our comprehensive antibody services also include custom antigen production such as design & synthesis of BSA / KLH conjugated peptides and custom-made recombinant proteins derived from cDNA clones. For polyclonal antibodies, users can choose to increase their specificity through further purification on an antigen-affinity column. As for monoclonal antibodies, we can provide Protein A/G purified IgGs along with two hybridomas optimized for sandwich ELISA. Apart from polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies we do also have pre-made antibodies. We also custom make Restriction Enzymes, DNA extraction kits, DNA amplication reagents and other related products for molecular biology research. Also available is molecular biology applications, recombinant enzymes, improved protein stains, markers and ladders.


Manufacture, research, sale and distribution of immunological reagents. With the innovative solutions and high quality, our products enjoy the high reputation and customer loyalty in immunological and molecular biological fields. Antibodies with much higher quality, which have been proved by our polyclonal antibodies. (e.g. Besides high-specific polyclonal antibody we gained, Boster succeed to generate primary antibody immuned by polypeptide with much higher sensitivity and lower backgroud).

Key products & service:
Immuno detection kits

Exbio (EXBI001)

EXBIO manufactures and supplies antibodies for world-wide distribution. Sales on an OEM basis and in bulk quantity is the core business activity of the company. Strong Research & Development (hybridoma technology, construction of recombinant proteins and antibodies) in co-operation with academic institutions ensures the continuous addition of important new products.

Product Types:
Flow Cytometry
Kits – General
Lab Supplies & Instruments
Protein / Peptides


A leading protein and antibody solutions provider, GenWay has a proprietary technology platform and an international network to provide our clients with solutions and applications for proteins, antibodies, assays, and cell lines. Specialize in recombinant proteins and domain-specific IgY (chicken) antibodies and their applications, such as Seppro products and difficult-to-express proteins.

Kamiya Biomedical Company

Kamiya´s product lines include over 1500 different preclinical testing products, human biomarker assays, enzyme inhibitors, enzyme substrates, monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, and small molecules for research in apoptosis, multidrug resistance, oxidative / DNA damage and repair, bone biology, cancer, cardiac health, inflammation, stress, obesity, and diabetes.

ProSpec-Tany TechnoGene Ltd

ProSpec is an evolving b Kits/DNA Markers/DNA,RNASE Remove/ Antibodies/ Buffers/Protein Stains
Agar Scientific,UK
iotech company providing highly purified proteins worldwide which serve the research community with cytokine-related products for cancer, apoptosis, development, endocrinology, immunology, neuroscience, proteases, and stem cell research. Their products include cytokines, growth factors, chemokines, hormones, enzymes, viral antigens and many other bacterial-derived recombinant proteins.

ProSpec-Tany TechnoGene Ltd

ProSci Incorporated is an antibody supplier. ProSci specializes in the production of affinity-purified, peptide-specific polyclonal antibodies to novel antigens in fields such as Apoptosis, Signal Transduction, Neurobiology, Immunology and Avian Influenza. ProSci is also a leading producer of custom monoclonal antibodies and polyclonal antibodies. In addition, ProSci offers cell lysates, tissue lysates, secondary antibodies, custom immunoblots (western blots), recombinant proteins, cell slides, tissue slides, and blocking peptides to compliment the use of our antibodies.

General AB

Infectious Disease

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