Custom Made Engineering Solutions

Dzc has the expertise to design and custom make various engineering machines/plants for research and industrial purposes. We
have had custom make research instruments for public universities, in areas such as:

Aerospace | Biodiesel Processors | Data acquisition system | Digester | Fermenters | Microwave Oven | Pilot Plants | Pre-treatment system | Reactors | Test rigs | Trainers – Specialist in custom made engineering training modules | Wireless Sensors Network (WSN)


Anaerobic Digester & Bioreactor
Biodiesel Processors
Data Acquisition & Sensors
Environmental Monitoring
Fuel Atomizer Test Rig
Grid Connect Control Panel
Indoor/Outfdoor Monitoring Equipment
Industrial Systems
Microturbine Data Acquisation Systems
Mobile Edible Pretreatment Skid
Nano Particle Radiator Experiment Kit
Scale Glass Reactors
Steam Power Plant System

Proven Track Record

We have a proven track record with many premier research institutions in Malaysia.


We provide a an exceptional service to our clients to meet their needs.

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